A place to discover

The Old Pharmacy of Sant'Anna is located in the little square of the same name, in the quarter of Castelletto, within the Discalced Carmelite Friars convent of Genoa.

The monastery is situated on the top of the hillock of Bachernia, which offers a splendid view over the harbor and old town. It can be easily reached from Piazza Corvetto (Corvetto square) in the town centre. It is a unique place, secluded and little-known by the Genoese people, still intact from the early 1600s.

In the church of Sant'Anna (St. Anne), typical example of Genoese late Baroque, silence invites to a moment of meditation, away from the daily chaos.
In the interior paintings by Fiasella, Agostino Ciampelli, Castellino Castelli and other baroque authors of the Genoese and Roman school can be admired.
A contribution to the peace and the atmosphere of the place is given by the presence of a precious rose garden rich in officinal varieties, such as the wonderful centifolia rose, used in perfumes, syrups and jams.

In this context, the historical library that collects old books, herbaria and essays on botany with precious miniatures, theological and biblical texts of precious workmanship, many of which in the original edition has to be visited.

The real gem however, is the old Pharmacy of the Convent, which can be entered through an old baroque portal. Among manuals, old instruments, precious earthenwares, our preparations are exhibited in valuable walnut wainscoting. A wooden putto bears the motto of the Pharmacy:  "Nos medicinam paramus, Deus dat nobis salutem" (We prepare medicines, God gives us health)..

The Pharmacy is registered among the historical shops of the municipality of Genoa.
It is the oldest shop in Genoa, which has never changed hands.