Charter of values

“O pilgrim, you have arrived at this old pharmacy
in search of a remedy for your physical health,
visit also our church and ask God
for the health of both your body and your soul.
May the Lord, physician of our souls and bodies,
bless you and give you all the graces you need.”

Visitors find these words at the entrance to the pharmacy. The same that have always animated our mission. The spirit is not separated from the body, our responsibility is to treat both: the friars of this convent have chosen to receive each patient in his wholeness. Physical and spiritual harmonies are complementary.

It ‘s our custom to establish a special relationship with the people coming to us asking for advice: a relation based on listening and attention. With these principles, we have been preparing herbal remedies to naturally restore the body’s balance, since 1650.

In order to keep our body healthy, a proper lifestyle is required. We need a balanced diet, moderate physical activity, drinking every day the right amount of water, regularity of meals and sleep, moments of psycho-physical relief doing pleasant things and a positive attitude towards life.

When the normal body functioning is altered and we lose health, our phytotherapic remedies are effective against several problems. They are also excellent if taken together with conventional medicine, as they help reduce side effects.

Health is the original state God has chosen for us. When this natural state of health gets altered, the necessary healing path to restore our balance also passes through a renewed contact with our soul, with the truest part of ourselves and with God.